Tips in how to Go Eco Green and Save Money!

Here are many small simple tips you can follow to go ECO GREEN and save power without using Solar and wind power:

• Plug your television into a power bar and turn that off when you aren’t watching.
• Wash your clothes in cold water. Since a high amount of the electricity is used in washing your clothes because of heating the water, using cold rather than hot water will save you tons of money
• Install a low-flow showerhead.
• Set the photocopier to print double-sided only. It takes ten times as much energy to make a piece of paper than it takes to copy onto it
• Boiling water for tea in a pot on your gas stove uses one-third the energy of a plug-in kettle
• Choose a laptop than a desktop - it uses about six times less electricity than a desktop
• Turn the screen saver off. Screen savers don’t save electricity. Rather, set your computer to go into sleep mode when you’re not using it.
• Get rid of that old Fridge and get a new Energy Star model
• Make sure you clean and replace your furnace filter often. A dirty filter forces your furnace to work harder to heat your home.
• When summer comes, keep the blinds closed and run a couple of fans instead of air conditioning
• On sunny days during the winter make sure you open your south-facing drapes and let the sun in
• See the commercial on TV? - Unplug your chargers i.e. cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, cordless tools and other gadgets when you’re not charging.
• Turn your thermostat down at night, even a 4-degree Celsius could cut your gas bill by 10 per cent
• Get some foam sleeve insulation to insulate your hot water pipes and wrap it around the first nine feet off your water heater.
• Go from Gas-powered lawnmower to an old-fashioned push-and-pull model.
• Hang your laundry on a clothesline instead of throwing them in the dryer
• Drive at the speed limit. Going from 120 kilometers an hour to 100 cuts your fuel consumption.
• Buy a reusable coffee mug.
• Plug the gaps around pipes, ducts, fans and vents. This is done to save heating or cooling your house.
• Don't throw out that toner cartridge. Instead, reuse it.
• Use Energy-efficient automatic dishwashers that use half the energy and less water to the old fashioned way
• Fix Dripping taps
• Use a microwave instead of a conventional oven. You can save to 50 per cent of your cooking energy.
• Don't idle. You will save you gas and populate less
• Switch off your computer before you leave work.

In conclusion, simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference. It does not take much of your time to do all of these things. Think about how it changes things especially your pocket book, especially if you are not Green minded. Please add your comments on other ways to Go Green and Save Money.
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  2. Your tips are really effective - if just more people would do them!

    And be sure to look at the big picture. The new front-loading horizontal drum washing machines not only use less water, they then spin the clothes SO FAST that they come out almost dry!

    Then just put those 'almost dry' clothes on a clothes drying rack like this one that is set up under a ceiling fan and you will have saved a ton of energy by not using the clothes dryer at all.