Alternative Energy Wind Power News - Will falling wind speed curb turbine plans?

This news is from the Toronto Star. It states that wind speeds are dying down across the United States because of Global Warming.... Read article here

Alternative Energy Canadian News - Shoots sprout in Canada's green sector

Good Article this time talking about Canada's Green Sector. It talks about the alternative energy sector and that it is showing signs of recovery. Also it mentions that companies are resurrecting financing deals and public offerings that withered with the recession. Still the revival remains very fragile.

Alternative Solar Energy Facts - Plant-based solar panels to remove oil from the equation

Good article stating that the solar panels itself are not environmental friendly and that solar cells contain toxic chemicals.... Read article here found on yahoo green site

Alternative Energy Solar Stock news - SunPower, Wells in $100M solar deal

Alternative Energy News: Wells Fargo lending 100 million in SunPower commercial-scale solar systems. Good sign that banks are starting to lend again and with the tight credit markets, it shows that they have confidence in SunPower.....Read article here


Eco Green News - Green energy investments have quadrupled since 2004

Great news for alternative energy stock investments and only going to get better with the Obama adminstration spending money in this sector.... Read article here from Yahoo Green Site


Clean Energy Investment News - Sears Tower to Be Revamped to Produce Most of Its Own Power

I wonder for such a large building if this is possible. Read Article here on CNBC website

Alternative Energy company news - Microsoft unveils energy management software

Here is something interesting that Microsoft is doing. I guess they fear Google and trying to beat them to anything that they are trying out. At least this is a Green initiative.... read story here by Yahoo Green site


Renewable Energy Stock News - First Solar: More Trouble As Phoenix Solar Issues Warning

I wonder if this is the beginning of the downside in solar stocks. They have had a nice run over the last 90 days....Read article by Barrons


Green and Clean Alternative Energy News - This is how gorgeous solar power can be

I must say that this picture says 1000 words on how beautiful solar technology can be instead of those ugly solar panels. Great article on how solar can be "more than meets the eye" and for the environment.....Read full article here from Yahoo Green site.

Alternative Energy Hybrid News - Honda working on two new ultra-cheap hybrids

Alternative Energy News: The title speaks for its self. I for one, is waiting for hybrids to become more affordable. Can't wait.... Read Article here by Yahoo Green

Alternative Energy Source Green News - Turning chicken feathers into car fuel and more

Here is an funny article on Yahoo Green page - but wow, there is plenty of it (feathers I mean). The article is called "Bang for the cluck: Turning chicken feathers into car fuel and more" ....Read Article here


Alternative Energy Technology news - Is the new Apple Iphone good for the environment?

APPLE IPHONE NEWS - I have seen a lot of attacks when the first Apple came out on how its not environmental friendly. I wonder what reviews will come about the new iphone. Most likely the same....here is the old articles


Alternative Energy Source Technology News - Google revs up smart charging for plug-ins

Here is a very interesting article. Google is always an innovator of new things and that is why I like Google so much. This one talks about how Google is developing "smart charging" software to make sure that plug-in electric vehicles don't cause traffic jams on the power grid.... See full article here

Alternative Energy Green Jobs news - Green shoots in U.S. jobs, factories and indicators

Yahoo Canadian News -"More green shoots of recovery sprouted in the U.S. labor market, according to the latest data, while the slumping factory sector showed dramatic signs of improvement and a gauge of the overall economy also jumped".....Read full story

Alternative Energy Stock News - US Solar Market Finally Ready To Blast Off (FSLR, STP, SPWRA)

Good Article - Starts of by mentioning the plumetting solar modules prices but saying that the US markets are prime for take off in the first half of 2010 ( I wonder how many are going to survive until then). They mention that the Treasury Department has a grant program ready to roll....check out full story here


Alternative Energy Sources -Report: Solar Prices In "Free Fall" (STP, SPWRA, YGE)

Looks like coming trouble for solar companies with pressure on modules prices falling. Summary of article has FBR Capital publishing that " As most investors anticipate a hockey stick–shaped demand uptick in the U.S., China, and other emerging countries, we see a slow rollout of subsidies, tightened terms from financiers, and overhyped news items flowing in, especially from untrustworthy news sources." Look like the run is over soon for solar companies, they did have a nice run but with Oil expecting to skyrocket this summer anything can happen. Alternative is the future so solar in the long run should do well. Anyhow .....read full article


Alternative Energy news - SunPower Urges Homeowners and Businesses to 'SeizeToday' with Affordable, Attainable Solar Power

Sunpower launches a New Advertising Campaign and Digital Platform that Touts Solar's Immediate Savings and Long-term Investment Potential. Go to article...