Eco Green Living - China's Beijing closes coal plants to lower pollution

Less electricity demand due to the global financial crisis has given China the ability to close small coal-fired power plants. 60 percent of China's Energy comes from Coal.

"This couldn't be done when power demand was very intense," Sun said at a news conference. "Due to this financial crisis, the power generation has slowed down, so we took this opportunity to accelerate the shutdown."

China Finance Ministry last week announced to pay up to 70 percent of the cost of new solar systems and are trying to reduce demand for imported oil and gas by shutting down smaller, inefficient power plants and to change to more of an Eco friendly energy like wind, solar and other clean sources. This will lower sulfur dioxide emission by an approx. 1.1 million tons and carbon dioxide output by 124 million tons per year.


Watch out, Alternative Energy Solar Stocks on the rise! SPWRA

SPWRA is the first alternative energy solar company to announce earnings and they did not disappoint investors. They are up about 20 percent in after hours. Investors are looking for signs of a recovery in solar panel market and since SPWRA has raise their guidance going forward, it looks like the solar stocks are back. More solar companies report earnings in the coming weeks but with solar panel prices falling fast, there is still a risk that earnings may not see an improvement until 2010 but it looks like the stock markets are more concerned about guidance and this will bold well for all solar stocks like LDK, STP, CSIQ, TSL, FSLR (as long as they all up their earnings outlook).

For the past year the demand for solar panels has suffered because a lack of available financing for solar projects and a cut in government subsidies like in Spain and Germany. For those reason, prices were sent tumbling and most solar companies missed earnings and lower guidance.


Eco Green Living - Granite countertops radioactive with radon?

It is possible that some granite counter tops can emit radon radiation. Radon is invisible and odourless which makes this very dangerous for your home and family. This cancer causing gas "Radon" can be in your house and may emit a lethal level of radiation so it is important to get it checked out. See news video on CityTV in Toronto.


Renewable energy sources - How are solar panels made?

Great Video on Discovery Channel on how alternative energy solar panel is made. Very informative from start to finish.


Tips in how to Go Eco Green and Save Money!

Here are many small simple tips you can follow to go ECO GREEN and save power without using Solar and wind power:

• Plug your television into a power bar and turn that off when you aren’t watching.
• Wash your clothes in cold water. Since a high amount of the electricity is used in washing your clothes because of heating the water, using cold rather than hot water will save you tons of money
• Install a low-flow showerhead.
• Set the photocopier to print double-sided only. It takes ten times as much energy to make a piece of paper than it takes to copy onto it
• Boiling water for tea in a pot on your gas stove uses one-third the energy of a plug-in kettle
• Choose a laptop than a desktop - it uses about six times less electricity than a desktop
• Turn the screen saver off. Screen savers don’t save electricity. Rather, set your computer to go into sleep mode when you’re not using it.
• Get rid of that old Fridge and get a new Energy Star model
• Make sure you clean and replace your furnace filter often. A dirty filter forces your furnace to work harder to heat your home.
• When summer comes, keep the blinds closed and run a couple of fans instead of air conditioning
• On sunny days during the winter make sure you open your south-facing drapes and let the sun in
• See the commercial on TV? - Unplug your chargers i.e. cell phones, PDAs, digital cameras, cordless tools and other gadgets when you’re not charging.
• Turn your thermostat down at night, even a 4-degree Celsius could cut your gas bill by 10 per cent
• Get some foam sleeve insulation to insulate your hot water pipes and wrap it around the first nine feet off your water heater.
• Go from Gas-powered lawnmower to an old-fashioned push-and-pull model.
• Hang your laundry on a clothesline instead of throwing them in the dryer
• Drive at the speed limit. Going from 120 kilometers an hour to 100 cuts your fuel consumption.
• Buy a reusable coffee mug.
• Plug the gaps around pipes, ducts, fans and vents. This is done to save heating or cooling your house.
• Don't throw out that toner cartridge. Instead, reuse it.
• Use Energy-efficient automatic dishwashers that use half the energy and less water to the old fashioned way
• Fix Dripping taps
• Use a microwave instead of a conventional oven. You can save to 50 per cent of your cooking energy.
• Don't idle. You will save you gas and populate less
• Switch off your computer before you leave work.

In conclusion, simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference. It does not take much of your time to do all of these things. Think about how it changes things especially your pocket book, especially if you are not Green minded. Please add your comments on other ways to Go Green and Save Money.
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Renewable energy sources - Massive African solar energy project

The massive alternative energy solar project would use largely solar thermal power plants. This solar technology uses mirrors to focus the suns' energy to heat a special oil, create steam and power generators. Many plants are running in the U.S, Spain and many other countries and that is why 12 European businesses are try to promote this into reality. See rest of story on CNBC news http://www.cnbc.com/id/31890647

Renewable energy sources - Building better wind turbines

Excellent article about how they are looking for better ways to harness the wind. The federal lab's wind projects are trying to drive down costs by improving how efficiently turbines operate.

"Wind is very random; it's very active," he said. "You get gusts, you get all kinds of phenomena. Machines need to be designed to withstand all those variabilities." Read rest of aticle on CNBC here. http://www.cnbc.com/id/31855708/for/cnbc/


Renewable energy sources - Are Vertical-axis wind turbines better?

Are alternative energy Vertical axis wind turbines better? These types of Wind power turbines are usually used mainly for homes in urban, suburban, and rural areas which make sense and does not look as threatening as the traditional types. Did I also say this type of wind turbine is "bird friendly"? The traditional ones kill many birds and bats, as the tradition wind turbines are way too fast and noisy. The birds are able to see the verticle axis wind turbine types, thus avoid crashing into them, plus they are very quiet.

See Video about the traditional wind turbines compared to the Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine.

Is the Toyota kelp car the "Wave of the future"

From Article - "Bioplastics, an emerging technology that uses plant resins to make biodegradable and compostable plastic from renewable resources, is a field that is constantly evolving with new materials and technology." Read Full article on Yahoo Green.


Alternative Energy Toronto News - Keep the Gardiner, architect says, but make it green

Images courtesy Quadrangle Architects Limited
Eco Green Toronto is looking to demolish the Gardiner Express way, as its really an eyesore right by the lakefront. Toronto architect Les Klein has come up with a different vision, instead of tearing down the express way. Change it to a Eco Green concept of vegetation and a bike path. The City of Toronto and the Ontario Provincial Government should seriously look into doing this and come up with the funding. This would truly be a wonderful thing and would make Toronto stand out more as an Eco Friendly City. See National Post for more info and pictures.


Green Eco Living Toronto - New Green Roof Bylaw Passed By Council

Eco Green Toronto is the first City to have a bylaw to govern the construction of green roofs in North America . This only applies on new developments but it is a start. Go to City of Toronto Website for more information.

Definition of what is a Green Roof?
Definition: "A green roof is as a system where a vegetated area becomes part of the building's roof and includes vegetation, a growing medium, a filter layer, a drainage layer, a root resistance layer and a waterproof membrane. "
  • Lower the amount of storm water runoff that mainly affects the quality of local water resources.
  • Lower energy consumption in buildings as the green roof acts as insulation against hot Summers and cold Winters
  • Lower the urban heat island effect and associated cooling costs
  • Makes the city of Toronto more beautiful
  • More natural green spaces by utilizing space that is not normally used
  • Local food production can be done in these spaces especially in crowded areas where there is no room to plant vegetables etc.
Pictures of Green roofs around toronto look amazing. Hopefully more buildings will do this.

ECO F3 - Formula 3 racing car powered by chocolate and steered by carrots

Yes, power by chocolate and steered by carrots, no joke. The University of Warwick Researchers have made the WorldFirst Formula 3 racing car run by food. Unreal....

Hybrids Help Toyota, Honda Dominate Japan Car Sales

Toyota Motor's Prius hybrid and Honda Motor's rival Insight ranked first and fourth. This helped the two companies to dominate the list of top-selling models.....Read Article here on CNBC


Green EcoFriendly Companies - Algae Farm Aims to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

How can green algae help global warming? A new start up company says that they would use algae to turn carbon dioxide into ethanol as a vehicle fuel or an ingredient in plastics.... Read story here ... this would be truely be a huge innovation. I wonder if they are listed on the stock market.

Will Oil to Retreat to $50-$60 in second half of 2009?

Watch Video on CNBC about what they think the second half will be for Oil prices. Not really good for Alternative energy investments but I guess good for our pocket books. Though, if the economy picks up in the second half, I personally doubt this will happen, as demand for commodities should pick up.


Alternative Energy Stocks - LDK Solar outlook falls below Wall Street view

Another disappointment coming out of LDK Solar. Hopefully next year the growth will be back again or maybe end of this year.....Read Story Here

Solar Energy Facts - Solar energy green, clean

Good article in Toronto Star about alternative solar energy and how companies are embracing going Green and Clean...Read Article here

Quote from the Toronto Star article says it all about how companies are turning their business models in going Green:

"Solar power is also now a major part of Home Depot's eco strategy. This week, the giant retailer launched a national program called Catch the Sun, which includes a line of consumer products such as lighting and doors, as well as solar systems for both homes and cottages, in both grid-tied and off-grid options."

Green Eco Living - Are Gas Prices Still Scaring Car Buyers?

In a Hyundai survey, they found that 40 percent of the new car buyers worry about gas prices and that it would effect the choice they make buying a new car.....Read article here on CNBC webite.

Green Eco Living - 20 garden veggies that could each save you $25 or more

Good article on how much you could save growing your own Veggies. I personally have started this summer. Loving it. ... Read more here from Yahoo Green


Alternative Energy Stock News - JPMorgan Solar Picks and Pans (ENER, ESLR, FSLR, ASTI, SPWRA)

JPMorgan is cautious on the valuation of some in the position of a declining market trend right now. This may cool the solar run for a bit. Its was a nice ride for the last 3 months....Read Article here on 24/7wallst

Renewable energy sources - Pickens eyes wind power in Alberta

Alternative Energy News: T. Boone Pickens, the legendary billionaire oilman is looking to invest in wind power in Alberta. Maybe this will equal out the oil sands (only kidding)....here is the news story on the Financial Post.

Alternative Energy Source World News - China blasts US climate bill

The new US clean energy bill will make it easier to impose trade penalties on nations that reject limits to globe-warming pollution. Of cource China opposes this new bill as they are the biggest polluters. though a bold move by the US, as the world economy is in a very fragile state, but there is never a wrong and right time. Like the Nike commercial...Just do it ... Read full article here on Yahoo Green


Green Eco Living Facts - Global Warming Myths and Facts

ECO Green News: Great Eductional story on Facts and Myths about Global Warming. Really good read on Yahoo Green Site. Here are a couple of examples:
"Myth: Global warming and extra CO2 will actually be beneficial — they reduce cold-related deaths and stimulate crop growth."
"Myth: Water vapor is the most important, abundant greenhouse gas. So if we’re going to control a greenhouse gas, why don’t we control it instead of carbon dioxide (CO2)?"

Alternative Energy Canadian Facts - Canada worst, Germany best on climate change: report

Canada is last? Canada's greenhouse-gas emissions are surging "far above" its obligations under the UN's Kyoto Protocol.....Read News article here on Yahoo Green

Alternative Energy Source Facts - Sustainable Energy 101

Very informative Article on what is sustainable energy. This is done by increasing conservation, improving efficiency, and raising the percentage of renewable energy in the world.....Read more here on Yahoo green

Alternative Energy Sources - China hands out $293 million subsidy for renewable power

Alternative Energy News: China is the number two energy user only behind the United States and is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide. This plan is to stimulate its renewable energy sector, including wind and solar power.....Read Article on Reuters