Watch out, Alternative Energy Solar Stocks on the rise! SPWRA

SPWRA is the first alternative energy solar company to announce earnings and they did not disappoint investors. They are up about 20 percent in after hours. Investors are looking for signs of a recovery in solar panel market and since SPWRA has raise their guidance going forward, it looks like the solar stocks are back. More solar companies report earnings in the coming weeks but with solar panel prices falling fast, there is still a risk that earnings may not see an improvement until 2010 but it looks like the stock markets are more concerned about guidance and this will bold well for all solar stocks like LDK, STP, CSIQ, TSL, FSLR (as long as they all up their earnings outlook).

For the past year the demand for solar panels has suffered because a lack of available financing for solar projects and a cut in government subsidies like in Spain and Germany. For those reason, prices were sent tumbling and most solar companies missed earnings and lower guidance.

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