Green Eco Living Toronto - New Green Roof Bylaw Passed By Council

Eco Green Toronto is the first City to have a bylaw to govern the construction of green roofs in North America . This only applies on new developments but it is a start. Go to City of Toronto Website for more information.

Definition of what is a Green Roof?
Definition: "A green roof is as a system where a vegetated area becomes part of the building's roof and includes vegetation, a growing medium, a filter layer, a drainage layer, a root resistance layer and a waterproof membrane. "
  • Lower the amount of storm water runoff that mainly affects the quality of local water resources.
  • Lower energy consumption in buildings as the green roof acts as insulation against hot Summers and cold Winters
  • Lower the urban heat island effect and associated cooling costs
  • Makes the city of Toronto more beautiful
  • More natural green spaces by utilizing space that is not normally used
  • Local food production can be done in these spaces especially in crowded areas where there is no room to plant vegetables etc.
Pictures of Green roofs around toronto look amazing. Hopefully more buildings will do this.


  1. Great ideas of a way to use roofing space. People like vegetation anyways, so why not make it useful?

  2. I think it also insulates in the winter and the heat out in the summer.

  3. It really looks great looking at it. But before you make a roof repair or installation immediately, you better have an estimate on how much would you be paying for all of those. Roofing Toronto